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Abhishek Modi

About Me
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 My Interests are as follows:

  1. Computer programming
  2. Sketching & Painting
  3. Listening to Music - Remixes
  4. Technical Writings & Thinkings
  5. Mad for voilent computer games like Half Life, Blood-II etc
  6. Watching movies of categories Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Cartoons

 3 Happiest Moments of My Life

  1. When I got through in an engineering college with Computer Science as branch. It was my childhood wish to be a computer engineer.
  2. When I got a Personal Computer at my home.
  3. During my first job.
My Moral Story


It's the Three Questions written by Leo Tolstoy. The moral is:

1. Which is the right time do any work?

Answer: Now, because it's now which is controlled by your actions. The past is gone and you can do nothing about it neither you can know your future in advance.

2. Who should be the most important person for you?

Answer: Its the person with whom you are presently, because it's with him you can deal right now, others can not be dealt as they are far away.

3. What is the most important work for you?

Answer: The most important work for you is to do the goodwill of the person with whom you are because this is why the man has been sent by God to this universe.

The questions and answers throw light on the pathway to decide critical things in our life. The moral as such has to be implemented in a practical way. (You can't do a good to a thief by helping him in stealing!!!)




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